Tours of Mount Bromo in East Java

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm sorry for the previous few days I'm facing the exam so I rarely update the news about the tour. but today I will present a story that I've never mentioned before this tour, yes tour this time is a tour of Mount Bromo. for more information, let us refer to the following news.

Bromo Mountain has a type of sub-montane ecosystems, montane and sub-Alphin with large trees and hundreds of years old. Some plant species found in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, among others jamuju (Dacrycarpus imbricatus), mountain pine (Casuarina sp.), Eidelweis (Anaphalis javanica), various types of orchids and rare species of grass (Styphelia pungieus). There are about 137 species of birds, 22 species of mammals and 4 species of reptile in the park

Endangered and protected animals contained in this national park among other cat (Pardofelis marmorata), deer (Cervus timorensis), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis), deer (Muntiacus muntjak), red jungle fowl (Gallus Gallus), leopard (Panthera pardus), ajag (Cuon alpinus), and various species of birds like the kestrel bird (Accipiter virgatus), hornbills (Buceros rhinoceros silvestris), Bido snake eagle (Spilornis cheela Bido), black Srigunting (Dicrurus macrocercus), Scaly-breasted falcon (Haliastur indus), and grouse that live in Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, and Ranu Kumbolo.

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is the only conservation area in Indonesia which has a unique form of sea sand covering 5250 hectares, is located at an altitude of ± 2100 meters above sea level. At sea sand was found seven eruption centers in the two lines intersecting the east-west and northeast-southwest. From the northeast-southwest of Mount Bromo is emerging that includes an active volcano which at times may issue an eruption of smoke and threaten human life in the vicinity (± 3500 inhabitants).

Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area of ​​a circle with a radius of 4 km from the central crater of Bromo. Tengger tribe residing in the vicinity of national parks is an indigenous Hindu. According to legend, the origin of these tribes from the kingdom of Majapahit on retreat. Uniquely, saw residents in the vicinity (Su-ku Tengger) seems no sense of fear despite knowing of Mount Bromo's dangerous yes, including many tourists who visit the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park at Kasodo Ceremony.

Volcanic explosion at the summit of Mount Semeru

Kasodo ceremony held each year (December / January) on the full moon. Through the ceremony, the Tengger tribe beg or ask for an abundant harvest starting reinforcements and a remedy for various diseases, in particular by offering to throw offerings into the crater of Mount Bromo, the Tengger community while others had to descend the cliffs of the crater and reached to catch the offerings thrown into the crater, as a symbol of blessing from the Almighty. Seizing the offerings are an attraction that is very interesting and challenging and terrifying. Because it is not uncommon among them fell into the crater.

Some locations / attractions to visit: Cemorolawang. One entrance to the park which is visited to see from a distance the ocean expanse of sand and crater of Bromo, and camping. Sand Sea and Mount Bromo Tengger. Bromo riding and hiking through the steps and see the sunrise. Pananjakan. Seeing the scenery of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru. Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo and the summit of Mount Semeru. These lakes are very cold and always foggy (± 2200 m asl) is often used as a transit point for climbers of Mount Semeru (3676 m asl).Ranu Darungan. Camping, observing animals / plants and captivating scenery.

The best visiting season: June to s / d in October and December of s / d in January. How to reach the location: Pasuruan-Shop-Tosari Dowo-Bromo-Wonokitri use a car with a distance of 71 km, Malang-Overlapping-Shack-Jemplang Klakah-Mount Bromo use a car with a distance of 53 km, and Jemplang-Ranu Ranu Pani-Kumbolo, 16 km. Or from Malang-Purwodadi-Nongkojajar-Tosari-Wonokitri-Penanjakan about 83 km. From Malang to Ranu Pani using the car for about 70 minutes, which continued on foot to the summit of Mount Semeru about 13 hours.

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Beach Batu Karas The Lovers of Heaven Sports Surfing

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today I will be back to give an information about the beaches are no less interesting to the beach bali. ok let's look at the information below.

Marine tourism object is a combination of Pangandaran Beach and Shark Rock with a calmer atmosphere. The beach is very much visited by tourists to surf and swim. Batu Karas beach located in the Village Batukaras, District Cijulang, Ciamis regency, West Java, which can be reached by vehicle approximately 45 minutes from Pangandaran. Maybe, for the surfer who was in the island of Java do not necessarily have to fly to Bali or Nias to hone his ability to dance on the waves. Because in Batu Karas beach, in addition to a gently sloping beach also has a small bay. So it is not too draining the surfer when paddling toward the point / starting point of arrival of the waves. For tourists who want to learn surfing, on the coast there are also a variety of surfboard rental, complete with instructor dyang coordinated by local youth organizations. They provide all models of surfboards in there, ranging from professional surf board to surf board for a beginner or a buggy board that is used while prone. Tutor whiz-whiz and very patient help novices.

In the area of ​​Batu Karas beach there are also a variety of lodgings with a very relative. Or for those who come entourage contained one-room inn is calculated perkepala Rp. 50,000. The atmosphere is calm, natural and it is still natural, can also be one of the alternative for couples who want to honeymoon. Seafood dish was found on this beach, such as squid, fish, crabs and others.

In addition to surfing, buggy, jetski, banana boat and other water sports, this place is also suitable for those who love adventure. Batu Karas offers opportunities for camping and cruising nature. For those who dare enough, can hire local residents to show Nunggal Coral - a secluded beach with towering cliffs on the edge of the beach.

Many foreign tourists also come to Batu Karas beach. In addition to trying steadiness legs to stand up and shimmy along the waves on the surfboard, the foreign tourists want to experience this quiet beach while feeling the breeze. Indeed, the beach is still quiet of the visitors, for reasons menepuh travel far enough to route Pangandaran Beach - Beach Batuhiu - Green Canyon - Pantai Batu Karas. However, if it come once to this beach, this heart surely want to come back again. Remembering the fun of learning Surfing in Batu Karas beach.

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Dreamland Beach Enjoy Lullaby in the Land of Dreams

Friday, November 11, 2011

This time I'll give it a very exciting news for tourists who like to go to beach breeze to enjoy the beach, sunbathing, and of course who like to surf.

Dreamland Beach is in the area called Pecatu. Precisely, a few kilometers before the holy Pura Uluwatu and sacred or within about 45 minutes from the city of Denpasar. Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs towering and surrounded by a large rock around its shores. This white sandy beach, situated below a steep cliff with a beautiful scenery.To reach this location we can rent a car or a motor vehicle that is widely available in Bali with varying prices. For the price of a car generally is Rp. 250.000 / day (in the currency of Indonesia) and to motor around Rp. 35,000 / day (in the currency of Indonesia). Not too hard to find sights on this one, because of its location close to attractions Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) and Jimbaran Beach is famous for its seafood restaurants. When will visit this beach, we will enter the gates of Bali Pecatu Graha, because it is located in the area Pecatu Indah Resort, which is currently in the process of developing into an exclusive resort in Bali.

Historically, this location was formerly barren land is far from being exclusive. Pecatu natives living with subsistence farmers. Residing in the natural contours of hills containing limestone, making them have to rely of meager agricultural income. Then in around 1996, dibentangkanlah Pecatu Graha project sponsored by Tommy Suharto, who was then the father still reigns the leaders of the country. The courtyard was originally a beautiful beach just a small point of the area of ​​900 hectares owned by PT Bali Pecatu Graha (BPG), but later purchased the surrounding land belongs to the people and transformed into a super-exclusive resort called "resort Pecatu Beautiful". It is said that the resort is not only the concept but the tour will be a neighborhood's most unique & travel throughout Southeast Asia. Although many residents who oppose this project because it was forced to sell their land cheaply, but residents eventually expect Pecatu exclusive resort project is completed, so that they can turn to his fate with other businesses in the field of tourism.

Because that land around the beach called Dreamland (dream land) by the local people. But reality says another, the project was eventually abandoned for a long time although the project eventually resumed its development in recent years. Pecatu residents who have very high hopes from the results of this project finally took the initiative to make Dreamland a beach area by installing a tourist attraction entrance ticket costing Rp.5000 / person or rent a small tent to ward off the sun and beach chairs to relax for Rp. 25,000 / seat.


White sand and a steep gully into which so captured the eye sight to be seen. The water was crystal clear yet still seem too disturbed and undisturbed by the hordes of tourists who often visit this resort island. Clarity of the water reflecting the beautiful blue sea, seemed far from trash pollution that often plagued the other attractions in the area of ​​Bali's beaches. Waves and sound waves make lullaby (a type of song to euthanize children) are tunable and immerse for the visitors. Despite spending all day on this beach, it's not boring. For those of you who enjoyed photography, the charm of this beach will give you satisfaction in finding the object photographed.

Locations in the clean white sandy beach just below the narrow steep rock walls, is suitable as a dream beach to just relax enjoying the sunset orange or see the attraction of the surfers in the waves roll. The waves are high and large much in demand by fans of water sports surfing (Surfing), even Dreamland has become a new kind of surf spots for the area of ​​Bali.

Along the coast looked the tourists soaking up the sun while reading a book in a hammock while enjoying the breeze light massage, or asleep locals enjoying sunbath without wearing clothes over it (topless). Aha, this was the one who says how Dreamland somewhat different from the beaches in Bali in general and even more similar to Bondi Beach in Australia which is famous for its nude beachnya. Because the location is still somewhat remote rather then tourists are free to wear whatever they like on this beach, with no binding rules as in other coastal areas that prohibit the tourists look naked. Outside of eastern civilization that upholds ethical propriety, Dreamland is a beautiful beach that her beauty exceeded even the charm of Bondi Beach. Indonesia is a blue charm and captivating engraved in the frame of this Dreamland beach. If the island resort into your next travel destination, Dreamland can be a very interesting place to visit. Happy adventuring!

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Danau Singkarak

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lake Singkarak located in two districts in West Sumatra, Solok and Tanah Datar. With an area of ​​107.8 km ² lake is the second largest lake on the island of Sumatra. This lake is upstream Ombilin Trunk. The water of the lake was partly drained through the tunnel through the Bukit Barisan to the Batang Anai Singkarak hydropower generators to drive near Lubuk Alung, Padang Pariaman.

Fish Bilih (Mystacoleucus padangensis) is a species of fish are expected to live only in this lake [1], and became one of the typical food. Research experts revealed 19 species of fish live in freshwater aquatic habitats of Lake Singkarak, Solok and Tanah Datar regency, West Sumatra (West Sumatra), with the limited availability of food ingredients. Of the 19 species, three species of which have high population density, namely fish Bilih / Biko (Mystacoleusus padangensis Blkr), Asang / Nilem (Osteochilus brachmoides) and Rinuak. Other fish species that live in Lake Singkarak is, Turiak / turiq (Cyclocheilichthys de Zwani), Lelan / Nillem (Osteochilis vittatus), Sasau / Barau (Hampala mocrolepidota) and Gariang / Tor (Tor tambroides).

Then, Kapiek fish species (Puntius shwanefeldi) and Balinka / Belingkah (Puntius Belinka), Baung (Macrones planiceps), Kalang (Clarias batrachus), Jabuih / pufferfish (Tetradon Mappa), Kalai / carp (carp Osphronemus lac) and Puyu / Betok (Anabas testudeneus). Furthermore, species of fish Sapek / Sepat (Trichogaster trichopterus), Tilan mastacembelus unicolor), Jumpo / Cork (Chana striatus), Kiuang / Cork (Chana pleurothalmus) and Mujaie / Oreochromis mossambicus (Tilapia pleurothalmus), added Hafrijal. With only 19 species of fish that live in Lake Singkarak show the diversity of fish in places that are not too high. Lake Singkarak mesogotrofik conditions that cause this habitat carrying capacity for development and growth of aquatic organisms such as plankton and betos, very limited.

From a few times and showed betos plankton in Lake Singkarak is very low.

Whereas plankton communities (phytoplankton and zooplankton) is the basis of the formation of a food chain and plays an important role in a lake ecosystem. Under these conditions, causing a major source of nutrients naturally fish generally are the various types of plankton and benthos. Lake Singkarak is at the geographical coordinates of 0, 36 degrees South Latitude (LS) and 100.3 east longitude (BT) with a height of 363.5 meters above sea level (masl). Water surface area of ​​Lake Singkarak reached 11,200 hectares with a maximum length of 20 kilometers and 6.5 kilometers wide and a depth of 268 meters. This lake has a watershed along the 1076 kilometers with rainfall of up to 252 melimeter 82 per month.

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Tangkuban Perahu Mountain : Phenomena of Nature Wrapped in Legend of Love

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today I will give an information about tourism related to the beauty of the mountains in the boat Tangkuban kab. Bandung West Java Province, Indonesia, the information that I will give will start from the tale how these mountains formed, ok let's read these tales together.

One day, Dayang Sumbi eager to eat the liver of deer. He also told Sangkuriang to immediately hunt deer in the woods. However, after such a long hunt, Sangkuriang not get the quarry. For fear mengecawakan heart of the mother, Sangkuriang killed Tumang (his dog). Tumang is actually the father of Sangkuriang which was transformed into a dog. For various reasons, the husband can not show the original form. Dayang Sumbi aware that the murdered Sangkuriang is the Tumang, and instead of deer. Wrath, Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang beat until fall. Sangkuriang wounded forehead, his blood was streaming down. Until finally Dayang Sumbi own flesh and blood drive for ever.

Year after year went by and Sangkuriang grown into a handsome and dashing young man. Then he meets Dayang Sumbi that still looks beautiful and young. They fell in love. Until finally found Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang scar on his forehead. Sangkuriang is convinced his son, Dayang Sumbi personable young man refused to cover it. Because Sangkuriang keep on insisting to marry her, Dayang Sumbi set a condition: He would marry Sangkuriang if the young man can accomplish a giant boat in one night. Outside estimates Sumbi Dayang, Sangkuriang able to do so. The boat was nearly finished when Dayang Sumbi wake the rooster to crow before its time. Upset because he felt himself failing, Sangkuriang kick boats are made. The boat was then inverted and turned into a mountain. Up to now the name of the volcano known as Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Uniquely Enchantment Tangkuban Boat

Unlike volcanoes in general, Mount Tangkuban boat has a unique shape with a flat top and elongated like an upturned boat. Green expanse of tea plantations became one of the very interesting sights for tourists. The visitors can also enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Bandung from the heights with the cool air wrapped. Natural attractions are located approximately 25 km to the Lembang, or more precisely in this Cikole Village, there are also ten craters that were located close together. But that is often explored by the visitors as much as three craters namely Ratu Crater, Domas Crater and Crater Upas. In Domas Crater, travelers can take advantage of hot springs containing sulfur to wash the body. This sulfur content is said to cure various skin diseases.

Uniquely among the many visitors who come and poach eggs in the crater of this. Only within 10 minutes the eggs are ripe and can be consumed directly. Hmm ...!! After trying to try, but rapid maturation of the taste is so delicious. What is this simply just got carried away .. yes? Enjoy the warmth of a boiled egg accompanied by cold air. To reach the crater with a crater one another, visitors can walk or rent a horse ride.

Ok thank you for visiting and reading this information.

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